Cédrik Kozluk aka « BRUSK »

Cédric Kozluk, born in Lyon in 1976, is above all a drawing lover. And it was in 1991 that this love led him to encounter graffiti and its subversive universe. From this encounter is born Brusk, a polymorphic artist, graffiti artist, muralist, painter, designer, sculptor, but above all narrator of a drifting world whose suffering and injustices he sublimates with an explosive and impactful aesthetic.

Brusk’s creativity has not ceased to evolve since 1991 but it is obvious that the artist’s style is marked by the use of two techniques almost omnipresent in his creation: the dripping and the tear which very often come to fragment the representation of the world that the artist gives us to see. From this alteration of the motif by tears and drips, a lightness and a softness hatch revealing a world in which it then seems possible to soften, to reconcile, to love each other, even to hope for the advent of ‘a better world.

Consequently an ambiguity arises between a colored and luminous form and a rebellious, acidic, sometimes even very dark background, a statement which denounces the dysfunctions of our modern societies, an interior revolt which transforms the ugliness of this world into an explosion of beauty, a real pictorial oxymoron that gives us hope. Reducing Brusk’s work to tears and runs would therefore be a mistake since the artist finely shapes a universe that is both light and brutal, accurately confronts nature and culture, pushes us to apprehend the monstrosity of our world through a benevolent gaze that frees itself from all negativity.

For several months, Brusk has breathed new life into his creation and his creativity, he shows a real desire to tell the world, his sensitivity and his creative, artistic and personal maturity seem to lead him straight to new horizons.